Hey guys, I wanna tell you about my experience a little bit!

Now i am 8 graders, so in Sekolah Alam Indonesia we have an internship program for 7 and 8 graders. But in D’kandang is just for 8 graders. yeah so in the morning we started from gathered in Gandul at 6.45 am, and took a public transportation together. After arrived at D’Kandang we learned so much, start from how to feed cows and goats, how to feed milk the baby goats, how to plant, how to manage a farm like D’Kandang, how Bu Indo can become the owner of D’Kandang and many more.

D’Kandang is located in Sawangan, Depok, It has a very big land, like 6 hectar or maybe more. D’Kandang is a farm, garden, and a tour too, a lot of schoolers come to D’kandang. The place is so refreshing and fun!

For me it’s very unforgettable could have an internship experience in D’Kandang and plus it’s with #SAI10 so it is really fun like seriously 😀

so that’s all from me, thanks for reading!xx


Info wisata depok D’kandang:

021 7788 7138


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